seifumeigetsu (seifumeigetsu) wrote in kakasasu,

SUPER moving sale! Name your price.

Hello everyone! I am moving to Japan in...10 days! And I still have a few KakaSasu doujinshi left, which you can see details of here on my journal: (KakaSasu)

Here's a sneak peak:
KakaSasu Doujinshi Back Covers

This is just a sneak peak~ on my journal (This Page Here), you can see a bigger pic of the cover, and at least 2 inner sample pages.

For any number of doujin, please name your price. I'll entertain anything for any number of books. ^_^ I'll keep track of your "offers" for the next 3 days. Seriously, any offer. From $1 to whatever you can afford. (I am leaving the country, and am terribly short on my first months rent. Trying to scrape up whatever I can. So please just name your price. ♥?)

This is your last chance at these books-- any that do not sell or get mailed off after this are going back to my collection, or being very sadly recycled.

If you want any of them, of course, you must pay for shipping. ♥ This girl is already broke.
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