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| Kakashi X Sasuke | Sensei's pet | Yaoi | / part 1 /

~ Sasuke's pov ~

It was in the middle of summer. The heat was so bad today I hadn't gone to training and had just stayed home. I glared down at my oatmeal.* Feh. I can't put up with Sakura or that dobe today. * I muttered a string of curses directed at My baka teammates. " Aww. Come on Sasuke, that's not very nice. ♥ " It felt like I had been hit over the head with a brick as his sensei smiled at me from a seat across the table. " S-sensei...y-your mask! " " Hmm? What about it? " I could feel my cheeks heat up. " You're not wairing it! " Kakashi shrugged. " So? You didn't think that I have it on ALL THE TIME? " " I g-guess not... WAIT! HOW DID YOU GET IN MY HOME?! " Kakashi gave a innocent look that gave me reason to believe teacher had been stalking his students. A shiver ran down my spine. * I didn't know that Kakashi sensei was so- * I glanced back at Kakashi's face and had to stop myself from drooling. * hot! What?! No! * " But sensei why are you at my house and not out training? " " I canceled training today so I could come check up on you. " He did a goofy crescent eyed smile. " Lets hang out together today Sasuke! ♥ " " No. " The idea of spending the day on the town with my teacher ( or anyone else for that matter ) when I had been given the day off did not sound like my cup of tea. I gave a fake smile. " I try to avoid going where those crazy fan-girls are. " " I see. " Kakashi looked thoughtful. " We could play video games at my apartment. " I had to fight back a vision of ' My place or yours? ♥ ' " I-isn't that a little unethical? " " Well, we could always just stay here and talk. " " ...that's unethical too. " Kakashi glared at me pinning me to my seat with his intenseness. " Do you have an answer for everything?! " My famous smartassedness got the better of me. " Duh! "

~ Kakashi's pov ~

That cocky little smile sent my head spinning. * He's playing with me! He's doing mind games! ...Well two can play at that. * I shrugged. " Oh well, I guess I'll go home then. " I stood up, sliping my mask back aroung my face and started to exit the kitchen. " Wait! " I was glad I had my mask on to cover the smirk I had on. I turned around . " What? " He pouted but didn't say anything. " * ...If I molest him just a tiiiny bit-No! Use the iron will of a ninja! Use selfcontrol! * " I never claimed to be. ♥ " ... That's what I was going to say...but it came out like: " I want to screw you until you can't think straight! ♥ " * Where the hell did that come from?! o.\\ * " But if anyone found out about that you would get in trouble wouldn't you sensei? You could loose your job and maybe even get locked up. They'd take us far away from each other, because they would think the relationship we would have together would be a ' unheathly ' one. " * I feel sick... * I could have taken the ' WHAT?!!! ' reaction, but Sasuke saying the cold truth with that completely normal face...I'd rather be burned alive. I pulled my mask back down and started to move closer to him. He swiftly grabbed his spoon and pointed it at me. " Don't come any closer! " I couldn't help but smirk. " Or what? You'll kill me with a spoon? " Sasuke was silent, but the war raging in his eyes said everything he wasn't saying. He was teatering on the brink of denial and acceptance, neither side wanted to surrender, for if one gave up, the loss would be exceedingly great.
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