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SUPER moving sale! Name your price. [Sunday
July 10th, 2011]

Hello everyone! I am moving to Japan in...10 days! And I still have a few KakaSasu doujinshi left, which you can see details of here on my journal: (KakaSasu)

Here's a sneak peak:
KakaSasu Doujinshi Back Covers

This is just a sneak peak~ on my journal (This Page Here), you can see a bigger pic of the cover, and at least 2 inner sample pages.

For any number of doujin, please name your price. I'll entertain anything for any number of books. ^_^ I'll keep track of your "offers" for the next 3 days. Seriously, any offer. From $1 to whatever you can afford. (I am leaving the country, and am terribly short on my first months rent. Trying to scrape up whatever I can. So please just name your price. ♥?)

This is your last chance at these books-- any that do not sell or get mailed off after this are going back to my collection, or being very sadly recycled.

If you want any of them, of course, you must pay for shipping. ♥ This girl is already broke.
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Moving Sale:buy one get one free! [Thursday
June 30th, 2011]

Hey peoples! <3 still loving KakaSasu, but I am afraid I am moving from the U.S. to Japan in 20 days, and so I must part with some of my doujinshi collection. >.< there is a lot of KakaSasu doujin that I'm looking for new homes for!

Special Sale! Buy one, get one free. (+ shipping, of course. ^_^)

Here's a sneak peak:
KakaSasu Doujinshi Back Covers

This is just a sneak peak~ on my journal (This Page Here), you can see a bigger pic of the cover, and at least 2 inner sample pages.
I have 12 KakaSasu doujinshi (and more other Naruto doujinshi), and if you're interested in buying the whole lot, lemme know. I can accept "bids" for the whole collection. ^_^
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December 17th, 2008]

Title: Konoha North University
-Prompt: Red
Year: 2008
Type: Fanfiction
Series: Naruto
Pairing: None
Characters: Sasuke, Kakashi
Word Count: 566
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Don't own Naruto
Note: Takes place after Blue.


( Perhaps he didn’t know it, but the fact that Sasuke was getting softer could very well be a certain blond’s doing. )
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August 17th, 2008]

Title: Konoha North University
-Prompt: Running Away
Year: 2008
Type: Fanfiction
Series: Naruto
Pairing: None
Characters: Sasuke, Itachi, Kakashi
Word Count: 2069
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Don't own Naruto
Notes: Takes place after Heaven or Hell.
Warnings: Hints of abuse.

( Sometimes, Itachi's time limits were just impossible. )
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doujinshi sale [Sunday
August 10th, 2008]

I don't know if anyone's interested, but I'm having a Naruto doujinshi sale on my LJ...

I've got a KakaSasu anthology for sale, so please come check it out! The art is really beautiful, and Yamada D has drawn the cover (and a few stories inside of it too <3), so if you like her works, you're in luck.

Come this way if you're interested!

Thanks ^_^.
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July 28th, 2008]

Title: Konoha North University
-Prompt: Glints in your eyes
Year: 2008
Type: Fanfiction
Series: Naruto
Pairing: None
Characters: Sasuke, Kakashi
Word Count: 185
Rating: K
Disclaimer: Don't own Naruto
Notes: Takes place after Reaching Out, before Snow

( Sasuke glanced up at him, nothing but determination showing in ebony eyes )
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[For Sale] Seoi's Weekend Bash! [Sunday
July 13th, 2008]

[Updated 7/12 at 6:11 PM] 3 New Naruto Items Added in the Naruto Section (Incl. 1 KakaSasu DJ)

In order to round up enough funding for an upcoming trip, I need to part with some of my beloved toys such as figures, ufo catcher dolls, naughty doujinshi

Please take a look to see if anything catches your eye! First come first serve.

Some highlights:

Series Offered:
* BLEACH * Naruto * Nodame Cantabile * Studio Ghibli * xxxHolic * Gundam Seed * Juuni Kokki/12K * Saiunkoku Monogatari *Fruits Basket *

[It feels like I'm having a yard sale honey!]
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Fic- "...Lost in Thought" [Tuesday
January 8th, 2008]

Title: ... Lost in Thought
Part: 1/1
Author: starbeams
Fandom: Naruto
Pairings: KakaSasu, with mentions of Sasuke/Naruto, Kakashi/Obito, and Naruto/Gaara.
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Yaoi, sex, angst
Notes: Written for ryuhime because I tried to write her NaruSai and I just CAN NOT write Sai no matter how hard I try =/ So I decided to do KakaSasu, but.... I can't seem to write that without putting the pairings I really really ship in there. Angsty sex x.x Short.

(...Lost in Thought)
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| Kakashi X Sasuke | Sensei's pet | Yaoi | / part 2 / [Tuesday
December 4th, 2007]

[ mood | bouncy ]

( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )

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| Kakashi X Sasuke | Sensei's pet | Yaoi | / part 1 / [Tuesday
December 4th, 2007]

[ mood | energetic ]

~ Sasuke's pov ~

It was in the middle of summer. The heat was so bad today I hadn't gone to training and had just stayed home. I glared down at my oatmeal.* Feh. I can't put up with Sakura or that dobe today. * I muttered a string of curses directed at My baka teammates. " Aww. Come on Sasuke, that's not very nice. ♥ " It felt like I had been hit over the head with a brick as his sensei smiled at me from a seat across the table. " S-sensei...y-your mask! " " Hmm? What about it? " I could feel my cheeks heat up. " You're not wairing it! " Kakashi shrugged. " So? You didn't think that I have it on ALL THE TIME? " " I g-guess not... WAIT! HOW DID YOU GET IN MY HOME?! " Kakashi gave a innocent look that gave me reason to believe teacher had been stalking his students. A shiver ran down my spine. * I didn't know that Kakashi sensei was so- * I glanced back at Kakashi's face and had to stop myself from drooling. * hot! What?! No! * " But sensei why are you at my house and not out training? " " I canceled training today so I could come check up on you. " He did a goofy crescent eyed smile. " Lets hang out together today Sasuke! ♥ " " No. " The idea of spending the day on the town with my teacher ( or anyone else for that matter ) when I had been given the day off did not sound like my cup of tea. I gave a fake smile. " I try to avoid going where those crazy fan-girls are. " " I see. " Kakashi looked thoughtful. " We could play video games at my apartment. " I had to fight back a vision of ' My place or yours? ♥ ' " I-isn't that a little unethical? " " Well, we could always just stay here and talk. " " ...that's unethical too. " Kakashi glared at me pinning me to my seat with his intenseness. " Do you have an answer for everything?! " My famous smartassedness got the better of me. " Duh! "

~ Kakashi's pov ~

That cocky little smile sent my head spinning. * He's playing with me! He's doing mind games! ...Well two can play at that. * I shrugged. " Oh well, I guess I'll go home then. " I stood up, sliping my mask back aroung my face and started to exit the kitchen. " Wait! " I was glad I had my mask on to cover the smirk I had on. I turned around . " What? " He pouted but didn't say anything. " * ...If I molest him just a tiiiny bit-No! Use the iron will of a ninja! Use selfcontrol! * " I never claimed to be. ♥ " ... That's what I was going to say...but it came out like: " I want to screw you until you can't think straight! ♥ " * Where the hell did that come from?! o.\\ * " But if anyone found out about that you would get in trouble wouldn't you sensei? You could loose your job and maybe even get locked up. They'd take us far away from each other, because they would think the relationship we would have together would be a ' unheathly ' one. " * I feel sick... * I could have taken the ' WHAT?!!! ' reaction, but Sasuke saying the cold truth with that completely normal face...I'd rather be burned alive. I pulled my mask back down and started to move closer to him. He swiftly grabbed his spoon and pointed it at me. " Don't come any closer! " I couldn't help but smirk. " Or what? You'll kill me with a spoon? " Sasuke was silent, but the war raging in his eyes said everything he wasn't saying. He was teatering on the brink of denial and acceptance, neither side wanted to surrender, for if one gave up, the loss would be exceedingly great.

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whoo, newbie is here! [Thursday
October 5th, 2006]

[ mood | hot ]

Hey there, all, I'm Kitana and today I bring my very first KakaSasu fanfic to you all. ^_^ It's one of my favourite rarepairs (I can't find enough of it to save my soul @_@!!) and so I decided to throw an idea into the fire and make it hot. =D

I hope you all like. ^_^

Title: Accidental Consequences
Author: Kitana
Warnings: NC-17; Kakashi x Sasuke; shota. Kakashi was pretty sure that by now Sasuke should be frustrated.
( Accidental Consequences )

(there might some spoilers for those who don't know of the episodes near the end of the chuunin exam arc... not really many, I don't think... hm.)

x-posted to narutoyaoi, naruto_teachme, and kakasasu!

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Fic: Uninvited [Sunday
September 3rd, 2006]

Title:  Uninvited
Author:  des_butterfly
Genre:  Angst, Gen
Pairing:  light KakaSasu
Rating:  PG - 13
Summary:  Sasuke is injured, Kakashi is uninvited.

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Kakashi's Dream [Saturday
May 6th, 2006]

Pairing: Kakashi x Sasuke

Genre: Humor, Hentai

Status: Oneshot, completed

Summary: Kakashi has naughty dreams about Sasuke and a lollipop.

Link to Kakashi's Dream
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KakaSasu Doujinshi for sale! NAME YOUR PRICE! :) [Wednesday
May 3rd, 2006]


Doujinshi for sale! :) This is on a "first come, first serve" purchasing basis. Email me at orangewhite_dreams @ yahoo.com [<--without the spaces.] I will email you payment detail (paypal or Money Orders) from there. :)

Genre/Pairings: Kakashi x Sasuke,

Click on the preview pictures for a bigger picture of insides and both covers.

Title: KaHohBow
Read more [KakaSasu]Collapse )

x-posted to narutoyaoi & naruto_teachme kakasasu
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April 25th, 2006]

Title: ...untitled (for now...any suggestions?)
Warnings: Not work safe. Sex, but not all that romantic. Incomplete...expect another few parts.
Summary: Kakashi wants to show Sasuke how it is to be loved. Sasuke doesn't understand what love is, or what it means to be in a relationship. Adolescent confusion. Sasuke centric, with later parts to come.

If the sex makes you uncomfortable, or the circumstances, please stop reading. The story is about how Sasuke feels-- how anyone feels in a relationship with an adult (when they are in fact, a child.)
Somewhat inspired by This Post.

Ask questions if you're confused!

( Kakashi’s breath is warm on Sasuke’s neck. ) <-- fake cut

X-posted to naruto_betas and narutoyaoi copycock naruto_teachme
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yay for the first post! [Friday
December 23rd, 2005]

4 [naruto] colorbars
4 [naruto] icons
4 [teen titans] icons
8 [yu-gi-oh] icons
2 [naruto] fanarts

one HUGE dumpCollapse )
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community started [Thursday
December 22nd, 2005]

[ mood | accomplished ]

have at it all you kakasasu shippers

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